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We are Jamaica

Here at Coral Cove Wellness resort Jamaica, we honor and respect thousands of years of tradition in farming practices, herbal medicinal remedies, holistic approaches to wellness, musical rhythms, and culinary masterpieces. The heart and soul of Coral Cove come from the locals who instill their passion and love into every unique feature we offer, and it’s felt by all who come here.

We are stewards of plant-based medicine and holistic wellness. It is our greatest pleasure, honor, and privilege to break stigmas that cling to cannabis, fungi, and other nature-based medicines through detailed education, guidance, and responsible practices. Led by the latest scientific and medical findings and overseen by medical professionals, Coral Cove Wellness understands that healing and supporting the endocannabinoid system are critical in overcoming hurdles to happiness and wellness. It’s why we’ve painstakingly curated elements that promote healing, and it inspires all that we do.

Located in a lush and serene remote fishing village in Little Bay, Jamaica, Coral Cove is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Named after the beautiful and plentiful coral that dons the ocean floor throughout our private cove, Coral Cove is a hidden paradise where the outside world melts away while you soak in moments of restoration. Across the 7-acres that make up Coral Cove, you will find lush gardens, sandy beaches, a quarter-mile of ocean frontage with a sheltered cove teaming with wildlife, and natural volcanic cliffs. It’s unlike any other place in the world

Coral Cove is not your typical Jamaican resort. With local farm-to-table ingredients, on-site gardens, expert-guided plant-medicine experiences, live musical performances, wellness workshops that cater to the senses, this resort is a magical place where healing and wellness are at the forefront of every detail. The authentic cuisine, locally-grown cannabis, and rich culture offer the real Jamaican experience of life on the southwest coast.

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A reservation requires a deposit of 25% of the total price of the retreat. The remainder of the payment for a retreat is due and payable 30 days prior to arrival. The deposit is refundable if the booking is canceled 30 days prior to the retreat date excluding an administration fee of $400. If you need to cancel your reservation due to COVID-19, you may reschedule your booking and receive credit towards a future stay or retreat at Coral Cove Wellness. If you need to cancel your reservation due to unforeseeable weather issues, we will hold the reservations for a year allowing our guests to reschedule your vacation or to apply their credits towards future stays.

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